Monday, August 27, 2012

Hannah Montana..from South Carolina

 Tuesday August 14, 2012 I arrived in Missoula Montana! Today, August 28, I had my first class here which     I really enjoyed. This coming Wedsnesday I leave for a ten day hike through the Bob Marshall Wildlife Preserve. I am very nervous about this because we have to hike eight miles a day for ten days with heavy back packs on the entire time! I have never even walked eight miles in one day!
So far while in Montana I have met many nice people and have two close friends. I have come across some people that I feel I will never escape from, such as this one girl in the program who said "yeah, like, half of southerners are dumb as hell." As she said this i realized she was hiking in American Eagle jeans, for EIGHT miles so I can not be to offended by her comment. This experience so far has made me realize that people are generally the same everywhere, both good and bad. One thing that is totally different from Columbia is the landscape. The city here is in a valley and at night i can see most of Missoula from my dorm room. It is odd having to adjust to living in a dorm again after having my own apartment but I will manage. 

 The week before school started my mom and sister flew me up to Montana and we all stayed together in a hotel. The three of us went horse back riding which was the first time me or my sister had ever gotten on a horse. I enjoyed it, but my sister on the other hand had a horrible experience!!! Her horse ran her into a hanging tree limb in an attempt to get her off his back! The rest of the ride back he continuously snarled at her and unexpectedly took off running! She made it back safe and sound but vowed never to get near a horse EVER AGAIN!